fbpx Storm’s story: shipmate navigates

Storm’s story: shipmate navigates

The AHOY Centre loves to share stories of success from our beneficiaries and we’re always keen to know what they’re up to now, with Storm Smith-Suckoo as no exception. In the summer of 2007, Storm started the Shipmate Programme at AHOY – this is our youth volunteer programme where individuals aged 8 to 18 years are trained in and contribute to all aspects charity including sailing, rowing, maintenance and admin.

Through attending this weekly programme, Storm progressed through the sailing levels which aim to increase ability and knowledge at each stage. He gained his Powerboat Qualifications and soon became an Assistant Instructor where he was able to pass on his skills to others. He then further progressed onto his Dinghy Instructor qualification which he used to continue teaching in the Shipmate Programme.

Leaving the Shipmates with a lengthy list of qualifications, Storm headed south to the University of Plymouth where he began his studies in Navigation and Maritime Science. During which, he spent a year at sea on cargo ships and time managing other water sports centres.

Graduating university with a first class honours in 2019, Storm is now a fully qualified Officer of the Watch Unlimited (basically, he can now navigate huge ships!). These days he can be seen crossing oceans on board a Buoy Tender Vessel as a Third Officer for Trinity House – a corporation that has worked closely with AHOY in supporting and funding training and activities. Storm’s journey from a hard-working student at AHOY to now an Officer navigating ships is an excellent example of how exposure to new opportunities and a diverse range of tasks at a young age can be vital to their future and employment.

The Shipmate Programme is committed to empowering youth in today’s society so that they have the tools to reach their full potential, by donating £10 a month you can support one young person through their Shipmate training.

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