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Apprentices and Sailability Crew get stuck in!

Hilton Hotel Canary Wharf open their doors and give our apprentices and sailability crew experience behind the scenes. A huge thank you to our long standing charity partner, The Hilton Canary Wharf, for giving our Apprentices and Sailabilty teams the opportunity to see what life is like behind the scenes in the hospitality industry. The […]

Success for students at St James’ Hatcham

Outcome after the roll out of new Ability Programme Last week we congratulated 4 students from St James’ School in our new school engagement programme, Ability. The ability programme increases access to new experiences at our riverside centre, introducing a range of exciting activities leading to qualifications and inclusion in our long-term programmes, “Sailability” and […]

#MyAHOYStory Lauren B.

The impact of AHOY in the words of our team. Lauren (18) went from student on the borderline of expulsion to complete wallflower. Had it not been for the Primary School Headmaster who wouldn’t exclude her for how hard life was at home, things would have been hugely different. When she found AHOY; it just […]

Poorer Pupils Behind For Next 70 Years

The Department for Education today revealed data which shows the achievement between the poorest pupils in England and their classmates is closing but very slowly – full article here. Secondary school tables show that pupils with lower income background will be behind their peers for the next 70 years. As an alternative education provider, it […]

#MyAHOYStory Alfie B.

#MyAHOYStory The impact of AHOY in the words of our team. Alfie (18), born and raised in Deptford, is a champion for diversity and calls himself a ‘Man of Deptford’. He has now worked at The AHOY for two months following his Apprenticeship and is a full time watersports officer working and engaging younger people […]

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