fbpx SILS start their Level 1 powerboat qualification

SILS start their Level 1 powerboat qualification

This week we welcomed 3 students from Southwark Inclusive Learning Service Key Stage 3 (SILS) to the AHOY where they attended first day of their Level 1 Powerboat course.

SILS is Multi agency Inclusive Learning School. The education and care of children is a responsibility they take very seriously, and they are committed to providing the best in learning and teaching.

The centre focus is on re-engaging young people with meaningful and realistic personalised learning plans that offer clear pathways into post-16 provision.

All 3 students will work through the syllabus of the Level 1 qualification over 3 weeks – Day 1 was successfully completed – so they’re well on their way.

We look forward to having you back soon.


SILS Students on Powerboat

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