fbpx New Go Row Indoor Fitness Classes

New Go Row Indoor Fitness Classes

British Rowing’s new Go Row Indoor exercise classes are coming to the AHOY this autumn. and you could be the first to experience them.

The total body workout classes are suitable for all abilities, body types and fitness levels. Lasting only 20 or 30 minutes, the sessions are ideal for anyone looking to get fit and tone up in a short amount of time. The highly effective, fun group classes will be led by instructors qualified through British Rowing’s indoor rowing instructor training programme.

Helen Rowbotham, Director of Innovation at British Rowing, says:

“Indoor rowing is the perfect exercise. It provides a low-impact, total body workout, that’s brilliant for improving core strength. It is highly efficient in terms of fat burning and helps you to tone up, fast! Each stroke uses 85% of your muscles, covering nine major muscle groups so you get a lot of benefit from even just a short workout.”

The following classes will be available from the end of October and will be regular from then on:

Tuesday 31st October – 6pm – 6:30

Thursday 2nd November 12:30 – 1pm

Classes will be taking place in the AHOY Gym , Deptford – with limited spaces available.

Email Sarah@ahoy.org.uk / dan@ahoy.org.uk to register your interest or call the team on 020 8691 7502


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