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New approach to Education

We are excited to be trialling 2 new innovative programmes with students from local secondary school Deptford Green, which are designed to use the powerful engagement potential of an experiential approach to education.


Using the boat building workshop and river/beach school and on-water rowing, learning is taken “outside” the classroom and taught through real projects.


These engaging programmes are a great introduction to the maths and science behind boats and rowing.

Learning is via practical projects, discovery experiments , monitoring observation and “doing”.

In the workshop environment, projects include building a half model of a rowing skiff , paddle and oar construction, introduce tool use and basic carpentry skills.


Using our magnificent indoor rowing suite and on-water facilities, students investigate the Cardio Vascular and muscle science behind the sport of fixed seat rowing. The programmes we are using have been developed from the successful and proven tutoring & specialised training run at AHOY. These will be excellent for developing the vital soft life skills needed for better employability; soft life skills such as team work, communication, problem solving and leadership are included.


Emphasising the thought processes of basic project management ,Think IT ,Plan IT, Do IT , learning is put into real life contexts, relevant to the young people’s local environment and life, using the fantastic on their door step resource of the River Thames.


The first programme is working with 6 selected Yr8 pupils from Deptford Green over 6 weeks in May and June. It is hoped that a second programme for a further 6 students will follow in the September term.


In addition a shortened after school version of the Curiosity Programme as a STEM (Science Technology Engineering & Mathematics) club activity is also being offered to a wider school audience and this trial programme will also run in June and July .


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