fbpx Rowing Programme for Schools to be trialled at AHOY

Rowing Programme for Schools to be trialled at AHOY

It’s an exciting time at the AHOY as we look to expand our activities available to school students.

From Mid September we will be running a 6 weeks rowing programme aimed at students aged 14+ – this will be an initial pilot programme with the intention on making it regularly available to schools to participate in as part of their curriculum.

The aim of the programme is to get youth engaged in physical activity and help to improve their well being, along with developing their team building skills, confidence, self-esteem and co-ordination.We also hope that by offering this programme, we will see more young people engaged with us here at The AHOY.

It is a six week programme which will consist of 3 sessions in our indoor rowing gym and then 3 sessions of on water training – giving the students the opportunity to experience all aspects of rowing. By the end of the programme, students will know how to use indoor rowing machines with correct posture and sequencing, considering health and safety issues and understand the importance of warm-ups and cool-downs, how to use the monitor for a training session, time trial or race, including relays, an understanding of the rowing technique and terminology and much more

Sarah Cairn, our rowing officer says:

‘I am very excited to be planning a schools rowing course for the new autumn term. We will be delivering a course that covers not only indoor rowing in our gym but will involve teaching the group how to row a traditional fixed-seat watermen’s cutter. We are currently enjoying a big revival in traditional rowing in the UK so I am especially proud to be part of this great sport at the AHOY Centre and teaching it to the next generation

In the future, we hope the success and interest in the programme will lead to us supporting schools to enter the annual National Junior Indoor Rowing Championships (NJIRC )

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