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Become a Coxswain with AHOY

We are always looking for committed, skilled adult volunteers to assist with our watersports activities and due to our rise in participation in our Rowing challenges, we are on the hunt for more coxswains to train and join our team.

The coxswain is an integral part of the crew as they serve as the eyes and brain of a crew, with their primary responsibility being the safety of his or her crew. The coxswain not only steers the shell, but also must motivate and unify the crew.

Just like rowers, coxswains learn by doing – and we will help you learn. You will work closely with the AHOY watersports team to develop the skills needed to become competent leading a team on the water by attending training sessions with our rowers.

These sessions take place on the Thames at The AHOY centre and run Tuesday & Thursday Evenings.

If you’d like to give coxing a try, email Liza@ahoy.org.uk to register your interest.


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