fbpx An Inspirational Day

An Inspirational Day

Following a teambuilding day delivered by one of AHOY’s Supporters and Partners,  we have introduced the practice of “Values” to our charity.

John Goodey, the head of a local primary school St John’s, who’s pupils regularly attend the AHOY to learn how to sail,  introduced Values to his school. This allowed both the Pupils & staff to focus on key issues, problems and the important qualities and morals that guide them through life. At the same time bring them together as a team.


St Johns is one of the most successful schools in Lewisham and their practice of values is now Internationally recognised.


Clive Ongley, our CEO, whose background is from the building and construction industry said:


‘ Over the years I have been part of various team building/management training days and have often thought ‘nice’ but what a waste of time. The ‘Value’ day was very different as it helped people to express themselves and for AHOY to re-establish what are the important issues and bring people closer together as a team. For me if only this training day had been available back when I was running the construction company as it would have identified various ‘misunderstandings’ and staffing issues and certainly created an even more powerful team working together for the company’.


The training day was inspiring and we are now building our monthly words into all areas of our work. Whilst only in our 2nd month, we are now noticing the difference and the additional energy it has created amongst the team -truly inspirational!


Our Chosen Value word for February is LOVE – Which the team are already embracing fully.

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