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Team Building & Challenges

The AHOY will work with you to offer your Company the ideal Team Building Day. Examples of three of the Team Building Days run by AHOY are here Team Building

Our team-building days foster a company culture of well-being, fitness and teamwork while having fun. We will create a programme catering for different fitness levels and team requirements.

With our highly-experienced and well-qualified watersports staff and instructors, your team will be looked after whilst discovering more about themselves and how they work together than they thought possible.

We have a state-of-the-art indoor rowing gym with 18 linked Concept 2 Ergos and an OHP system to create a fun, virtual rowing environment. This activity includes team relays, head-to-head challenges and lots of fun.

Choose AHOY to host your team building event and also know that you are helping support a Charity

Or have your own Corporate Meridian Pull Challenge or take on the ‘Ultimate Challenge’

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